A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Ryan's Cove - Stone Lagoon

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Upon Arrival: 

Driving north from Trinidad, about one mile after passing the elk herd and little red school house, you will see the Stone Lagoon Visitor's Center.  Park here and you will find a sign with information about the boat in campground across the lagoon.

The Hike: 

From your car it's only about thirty feet or so down the bank to the boat launch. This is where you set in. Paddle or sail directly across the lagoon aiming for the small inlet visible on the other side. It's about a twenty minute ride in a canoe. When you reach the inlet pull your boat ashore and you will see a small set of stairs ascending to the campground.

The Beach: 

The beach near the inlet is rocky. If you want sand you can boat to the spit of sand separating the lagoon from the ocean. You can also hike about 45 min to get there but the trail is often overgrown.


The inlet next to the campground provides slightly more shallow and often warmer water than the rest of the lagoon. This is a great and safe place to enjoy swimming, boating and water sports of all kinds.


There are more than eight campsites nested in the cliffs above the inlet. A few of the sites overlook the lagoon with more hidden back in the trees. Each site has a lock box for food, a picnic table and large fire pit. There is a very rustic outhouse as well.  Camping registration is at Patrick's Point State Park.