A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Pump Station #4

Overall Rating: 
Upon Arrival: 

If you are coming from Arcata on West End road you will see the large yellow gates to Pump Station #4 on your left after no more than 2 miles. Turn and drive through the gates down to a fenced parking area.

The Hike: 

From your car you can walk across a large field straight to the river. There are other trails to explore as well. If you walk east (upstream) you will find a popular disc golf course. Watch for flying discs.

The Beach: 

The beach spreads out for quite a ways up and down stream from the pump station. It varies from sand to small pebbles to smooth river rocks.


The swimming here is decent. Unfortunately it often gets too cold this close to the coast to spend too much time in the water. Although the other amenities make this site great, if you are looking for a good swim you might want to try farther inland.

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