A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Goat Rock

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Upon Arrival: 

Mile marker (enter info here) marks the spot. Park in the large turnout on the side of the road.

The Hike: 

This hike is kinda serious. From the parking area descend down the steep gravel trail into the bottom of the ravine. The trail is gravel, shale, sand and some boulder hopping. Its mostly vertical dropping about 150 feet. Wear some good shoes, no flip flops at this river spot. Be prepared for the hilke out....don't make my mistake and drink a couple more beers than i probably should have :)

The Beach: 

This spot is a series of pools running both up and down stream separated by very large boulders, varying in size of a basketball to larger than a school bus. There is one small sandy beach tucked in amongst them. To get to it, at the bottom of the trail leading into the ravine boulder hop/climb your way across the river, the small sandy beach is tucked into a nook between a couple really big boulders. there is anough space here for maybe 6 people comfortably. Most of the boulders are large enough and sport flat enough surfaces that you can utilize them for seating. No need to bring a beach chair, theres not really anywhere to put it.


There are a series of small, medium and large pools running up and down stream. the current is mild in most parts, where the water is being funneled through narrow opening between the boulders there can be a very swift current flow. Most of the pools are deep in the center and more shallow to the edges, some are deep all the way across. In the deeper pools there are rocks which have good diving spots, be sure to check out the underwater surfaces first though, as the bottom of these pools is often also boulders, you dont want to jump in the wrong place.


Campgrounds can be found west from this spot on hwy 36.

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