A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Womens Federation Grove

Overall Rating: 
Upon Arrival: 

Exit at the sign on the ave of the giant that is marked 'womens federation grove' follow the paved road into the main parking area. At this spot there are a couple of additional cool features aside from the swimming. There is a 4 sided memorial fireplace which can be used for cooking/bbqs. It has lots of seating and is quite nice, this spot could be used for a large group daytime bbq and swimming. On occasion this spot it utilized for weddings. There is also a great grove of redwoods to walk through here. The other bonus feature is that women's federation grove is home to the Albino redwood tree. Its a bit of a local secret and very rare specimen.

The Hike: 

The hike to the river is pretty easy, a bit od downgrade trail and then a walk across the river bar.

The Beach: 

There are a couple of sandy areas bordering the swimming hole, between the two they could easily seat more that 10 people. There is a lot of space here on the gravel/rocks as well.


Depth ranges from shallow to very deep, rocks on the opposite shore for diving and rapids that can slide down at the exit point of the pool. Not much current in the main swimming hole.


Camping can be found further south on the avenue of the giants, several campgrounds to choose from.