A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Tish Tang

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Upon Arrival: 

Tish Tang Campground is located on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation approximately (2) miles south of downtown Hoopa California on Highway 96 mile marker 8.

The Hike: 

The campground is located within walking distance of the Wild and Scenic Trinity River allowing access to over a ½ mile of beach for endless recreational activities like swimming, fishing, river rafting and hiking. You can walk from the campground or drive directly onto the river bar.

The Beach: 

The beach is a 1/2 mile river bar made up of rocks. There is no sand, so bring folding chairs and sandals as the rocks get very hot to sit/walk on.


There are several large deep swimming holes up and down the river bar connected by a series of small rapids. The current here is swift, so don't plan on trying to cross unless you are a strong swimmer and start upstream from your destination. There are a few slow moving coves and eddies for the children to safely swim in. There are two large rocks to jump from and a great rope swing. It is also a great place to tube or raft down from the top of the bar to the bottom but watch your self in the rapids as bruised tailbones are common on the big rocks.


Campground opens every season on Memorial day weekend and closes September 30. Tish tang campground is classified as a "Primitive" campground but does have over 40 established camp sites with non-potable water faucets and trash containers throughout the campground including several sites large enough for small camping trailers (no hookups) and one large group site. There are also plenty of recently built restrooms which are cleaned and maintained daily by the campground host.

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