A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Swinging Bridge

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Upon Arrival: 

The Road shortly after the Kneeland airport is NOT PAVED. It is a well-graded road and a sedan is totally capable of driving on it, but be prepared for a slow bumpy/dusty ride. At the end of Jack Shaw Road look for the parking area to the left, it sprawls under the trees with assorted spaces tucked in between the trees and bushes, some of the parking area is nicely graded and easy to drive on, other parts would be challenging even in a four wheel drive, be mindful of where you are driving/parking in the parking area, its not difficult to get rather stuck in loose soil.

The Hike: 

From the parking area find the trail on the edge of the parking area closest to the river. The trail is a steep decent about a hundred feet to the river bar. About half way down there is a steep rock face where you should find a rope attached to the trees/rocks at the top to help your climb. Go one at a time and find the foot holds worn into the rock, it initially looks a lot more challenging that it really is. To get to the main beach area walk upstream about a hundred feet from the bottom of the trail and then wade across the river and pick a spot.

The Beach: 

There is one large swimming hole with a gravel and sand beach. There are several other holes up and down the river as well making this a fun place to explore.


The several deeper holes are connected by relatively deep water allowing you to swim between them. At the main hole around you will find what might be the best rope swing in the county. **The rope swing is currently down** There are large rocks and spots on the cliff to jump off of as well, some upwards of 30 feet above the water. The fact that people are willing to endure the hike down is a testament to how great the swimming is.

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