A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Swimmer's Delight

Overall Rating: 
Upon Arrival: 

This spot is not too hard to find, but if your not paying attention it could be easy to miss the tiny sign marking the turn off. If coming from the west drive down the 36 for a while, about 10 miles past Hydsville in some twisty bends in the road you will see a sign marking swimming, camping and picnicking. Just past that sign, on the right hand side of the road, will be a small road and a tiny brown sign that says "Van Duzen County Park Swimmer's Delight." Turn off there and follow the road to the end where the swimming hole will be. There is a $5 day use fee required.

The Hike: 

Get out of your car and your basically there. This spot is accessible to pretty much anyone.

The Beach: 

The beach doesn't have any large rocks for lounging and doesn't have a lot of sand. The beach is decently sized and can accommodate a moderate amount of folks.


The near side of the river when you approach it is fairly shallow. The farther to the other side of the river you go the deeper it gets. The far side of the river is just below touching. There is a rock cliff on the far side that has a little shelf you can try and climb up to. There used to be a rope to get up but I'm not sure if the rope has been removed. There are potential jumping spots if you can get yourself up onto that shelf. The flow of the current is typically pretty mellow here. Swimming across the river and back is not a life or death situation.


There is a nice larger campground attached to the park. There is a $20 per night fee to camp for the night. There are 30 camping sites and coin-op hot water showers.

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