A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Robinson Grove

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Upon Arrival: 

After exiting at Myers flat, turn right onto the ave. of the giants (heading south). In less than a mile veer right onto the first unmarked road. There is a inconspicuous sign on the right side of the road which says Robinson Grove. Follow the road to the bend at the top of the first small incline you come to. Park. Its likely you will see other cars here. Trails to the river can be found on the right side of the road.

The Hike: 

There are two trails which lead to the river bar from the parking area. The first trail (to the right side of the parking area) will lead you to the flatter, wider and more northerly section of the river bar with access to deep swimming and shallows. The second tral (to the left of the parking area) will lead you down through a small piece of redwood forest, curving to a river overlook of a large deep swimming hole. As you keep walking down this trail you can access the river on the left of the trail with small beaches in between boulders, if you continue down the trail you will come to a large flat gravel bar with a small amount of sand.

The Beach: 

There are several sandy beaches on both sides of the river. There are also gravel and rocky beaches. Depending upon occupancy you may not have access to a sandy spot. Plan accordingly.


There are several swimming holes spanning a large stretch of river. This spot gives you options from shallow sand/gravel to deep areas with a relatively swift current (depending on time of year). There are a number of rocks and logs which can be jumped off of up and down the river. To get upstream to the largest swimming hole cross the river in the shallows then walk along the gravel/sand until you get to the bend in the river.


Hidden Springs Campground is located in the Ave. of the Giants approximately 1 mile from the parking area. Its a state run campground, many spots nestled amongst redwoods and oaks.

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