A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Rhino Rock

Overall Rating: 
Upon Arrival: 

Keep your eyes open for the turnout on the left side of the road (if you are coming from the west). It is unmarked and just looks kinda like a random gravel turnout. The condition of the gravel road/parking area varies year to year, sometimes there are large potholes and poorly graded areas. Parking can usually be found practically right on the edge of the river. From the parking/camping/swimming area you can look up the mountain and see Mad River Rock, its a noticeable and large protrusion of rock. My grandmother came here when she was a child with her sisters and they name the hole Rhino Rock, as Mad River Rock is so large and they thought it looked like a Rhino charging down the hillside. (i don't know that i see the resemblance, but the name ha stuck.)

The Hike: 

There is no hike to speak of, you can pretty much park, get out of the car and you are there. There is only one deep swimming hole which is dammed up each year on the western edge (you can see the dam in the google maps pic) which helps the water level deepen. This is the very upper van duzen, it is a narrow, slow flowing section of the river, very different from the lower van duzen spots you may be familiar with.

The Beach: 

There is one gravel area just below where you can pull up to the water, no sand to speak of and not much beach seating....some years if you wade across the shallow section of the river closest to the dam then there is another gravel beach on the opposite shore which ca seat 6 or so.


There is one large rock in the pool, around which the water is deep, close to 10 to 15 feet depending on the time of year. The rock can be used for diving. The rest of the pool is knee to chest deep. There is a current feeding the pool which is fun to ride, other than that there is no current to speak of.


This swimming hole is found in a free rural campsite. You can camp anywhere in the immediate surrounding area. There are no services of any kind. During hunting season this spot is used by hunters, so be mindful of the time of year you go, or you may find the area filled.

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