A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Red Rock

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Upon Arrival: 

Exit off the 101 at the Hooker Creek exit. I believe there is a stop sign there at which point you go forward and turn left. Follow the paved/graded gravel road all the way to the end. The road dead ends in a parking area in front of a locked gate and a huge culvert. Park. Find the trial on the side of the parking area closest to the river. The trail is short but steep, it has good hand and foot holds and is not hard to traverse, however large ice chests and things can be tricky. Once at the base of the trail walk through the shrubby trees out onto the open river bar. One swimming hole can be found downstream about 100 feet. The more desirable swimming is found upstream on the far side of the large rock.

The Hike: 

A short steep hike. There is often a guide rope tied to a tree to make it slightly easier. If you are bringing lots of stuff plan on multiple trips. Watch for poison oak.

The Beach: 

When you first get to water walk a hundred feet upstream. On the other side of a large rock there is a small sandy beach. This is often occupied as the only other sand is on the other side of the river. Bring folding chairs to be safe.


There is one deep area slightly upstream of the sandy beach where diving is possible off of large flat rocks.

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