A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Kimtu Beach

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Upon Arrival: 

If coming from the west you will want to turn left onto Country Club Road right before the Chevron Gas Station in the middle of Willow Creek.Turn right onto Kimtu Rd, stay to the left and keep following the road down until it ends. On the left hand side towards the end of Kimtu Rd you will see a road going down to a parking area. If you keep heading straight you will end up at the campground. There is a small day use fee to park here, I believe it is $2. Payment is collected in a drop box, so remember to bring some dollars with you.

The Hike: 

If you wanna get to the best rock jumping spot you are gonna have to hike for a bit. It's not too terribly far, but if you are hauling ice chests you'll probably want to take a few breaks.

The Beach: 

The beach is pretty big and has a decent amount of sand and sand sized pebbles for sunbathing. There are many different spots for lounging in the sun and some prime rock spots to sit around on.


The current can get pretty fast, especially early in the season. The best spot at Kimtu by far is the rock. To get to the rock you are going to have to head to the right once you get to the river and walk up the river bank for a while. The rock offers some prime jumping and diving. It is also right next to a nice still pool that you can swim around in without being carried down stream. At the highest point you could jump maybe 40 feet or so into the river, the water is deep and diving is possible.


This spot is basically at a campground. Camp Kimtu is a very nice and tiny campground that has 9 individual camp sites and one group camp site. The individual sites are $20 per night, the group site is $35 per night and can accommodate 12 folks. The trail from the campground to the river is kind of intense as it is basically straight down, but it is a very short trek down to the river. This is a very good car camping location.

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