A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.

Dinsmore Bridge

Overall Rating: 
Upon Arrival: 

The parking area looks like a bunch of other turnouts that you passed on the way to get here. So look for the river, you can see it from the turnout used for parking.

The Hike: 

The hike is short but steep, down the hillside to the river bar has some loose rocks and gravel and is at a pretty good incline. Once you get to the river bar you need to wade through water that can be about waist deep to get to the best beach upstream.

The Beach: 

The beach is rather small, comfortably fits around 8 people. Sand and gravel.


There are several deep pool linked together with large rocks in between each. The rocks are great for diving. There are also shallow spots. No current.


camping can be found in either direction on the the 36, however, its not close. Further east camping at hellgate or west at grizzly creek and swimmers delight.

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