A Community Edited Guide to Swimming Behind the Redwood Curtain.


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Upon Arrival: 

Parking space is between mile markers 23.37 and 23.42. Turnouts on both sides of the road to be used for parking.

The Hike: 

There are 2 trails leading down to the river, the downstream trail leads to a less used pool at the base of a giant rock. The trail more upstream leads to the main swimming hole with a large rock in the center of it for jumping off. Both hikes are short and easy. Watch out for poison oak.

The Beach: 

At the downstream spot there is no beach, rocks and boulders can be used as seating, comfortably fits 6. At the main upstream spot there are several small sand/gravel beaches on the near side of the river separated by boulders for some privacy. The river is shallow enough to wade across easily and there is a large gravel bar on the opposite shore which can be utilized as well. There is enough space at this spot to fit a lot of people. 5-12 per small beach area and many more on the gravel bar. This is a popular spot on weekends, so you may have to share, but there is always room to fit more people in.


The water depth ranges from very shallow to approximately 12 feet near the large boulders. There are several large boulders which are perfect for diving. There is minimal current at the main swimming hole, the downstream hole has a bit of fast moving current running into it which is a super fun spot to jump into the pool and ride the current down for 15 or so feet until it mellows out.


Camping found west on the 36.

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